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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Intellectually Gifted Program of the Holly Springs School District is to challenge  the Intellectually Gifted Students in the areas of communication, thinking  skills, creativity, metacognition, research, and self-directed learning.  The student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate mastery, understanding, and abilities at a much younger age and in greater depth and breadth than other students.  The Holly Springs School Gifted Program is intended to open the door of opportunity and challenge the students to do what others think cannot be done by students of their age, educational, or experiential levels.


Characteristics of Gifted Children

Procedures for Identifying Gifted 1st Graders

Procedures for Identifying Gifted Students in 2nd-6th grade

Parent Advocacy Group for Holly Springs Gifted Children

MAGC-The Mississippi Association for Gifted Children provides resources, support, and opportunities for parents, educators, and children in the gifted community.

Parents, please take the time to respond to the following study in order to better help us to find ways to identify our Gifted students.

Home Work and Class Work

Gifted students do not receive homework assigned in the Gifted classrooms.  On occasion students may need to conduct interviews or bring in materials from home in order to complete a project but as a rule the majority of gifted work will take place in the classroom.


Student Reassessment

A committee will meet once a year to reassess each gifted student's continuation in the gifted program.  The committee will include the Gifted Instructor as well as the Principal.  As stated in the Mississippi Department of Education Regulations, "Participating in the gifted program is an entitlement under the law; the student should remain in the program as long as they are being successful in the program.  Grades and/or success in the regular education program are the responsibility of the regular classroom teachers and should not be considered as a reason for removal from the gifted program."


Student Exiting Program

Should a parent want to remove their child from the gifted program, they must notify the gifted coordinator in writing.  However, once this is done, the child may not return to the gifted program for the remaining time in the semester.  Also, this removal may only happen once in a school year (August- May).

The following Teacher Resources are available in the Primary gifted classroom. All teachers are invited to review this list and to checkout any resources that they may wish to use