progress report
UPDATE: Progress Reports can be picked up by parents starting on Today September 23, 2020 or Tomorrow  September 24, 2020 between 10:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. 
Call the school to find out your child's teacher. (662)-252-1768
Welcome to Holly Springs Primary School!
The Mission of the Holly Springs Primary School is to be a caring professional community committed to improving student outcomes by building relationships and having high expectations for all.
The Vision of the Holly Springs Primary School is to improve outcomes for families and children by putting children on the path to becoming life-long learners, problem solvers, and caring citizens.

5 Reasons Why A Virtual Classroom Better Than A Real One - Dexway

How to Log In for Class

1. To sign into the Chromebook: 

  •  Login -Your child's first name initial, last name initial, lunch number (ex. js123456)
  •  Password -The date your child was born (not the month and year)+ lunch number (ex. 05123456)

2. From the school website's home page (this is where you are right now), click the staff circle icon located below. 

3. Locate your child's teacher's name and click the box with the arrow after the teacher's name. This will take you to the teacher's page.

4. Click the link that directs you to join the Google meeting (google meet link).

5. Click the microphone icon at the bottom to be placed on mute.  All students should mute before joining class. Students may unmute to ask a question or type the question in the chat box. 

K & 2nd: Class on Monday and Wednesday.

1st & 3rd: Class on Tuesday and Thursday.

Internet Access


Click below to check availability

Things to Remember
  • Students should be dressed in their school shirt for class each day.
  • Students should keep their video on and microphone off unless responding to the teacher.
  • Students should be logged in by 7:30.
  • Students should complete assignments by the due date.


During the 2020-2021 school year, registration for all students will be online. The online process can be completed from any location with an internet connection. Please check with the school if you have not received verification of your registration being completed after three days. Support to help complete the online registration process will be offered at all school locations.

In order to access online registration please click one of the two links below:



NEW Student


Attention Parents:

Hello Parents! The following documents are required for registration.

New Students,Transfer Students, & Incoming Pre-K Students:

-Parents must have a working email account

 -Complete new student online registration form for 2020-2021. Complete online registration by clicking above for New Student.

-Child Birth Certificate (Child's first and last name must match)

-Current shot record (Mississippi 121 Form)

-Social Security Card

-Last Report Card & or Previous School Withdrawal Form (Only Transferring Students)

-Must also have two proofs of residency from the following list:

-Current Driver's License or State Issued ID Card

-Mortgage or Lease Agreement

-Current Utility Bill (July 2020)

-Voter Registration Card (Issue date must be within the current year of 2020)

-Vehicle Registration (Issue date must be within the current year of 2020)

-Property Deed

Returning Students:

-Parents must have a working email account.

-Complete returning student online registration form for 2020-2021. Complete online registration by clicking above for Returning Student.

-Two Proofs of Residency (Proofs are listed above)

Office Hours:

Monday- Friday

7:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Five (5) Helpful Hints for Parents

1. The hotspot from most phones can be used for internet access. Please check the impact it will have on your data package.

2. Parents should call the phone or internet carrier in their areas and see if carriers will give the temporary internet access or internet access at a lowered price to allow students to complete their work.

3 . Family Members may have internet packages that can be used with permission. Please check impact it will have on data package.

4. Parents and Students may use their personal laptops to access assigned school programs if the laptop has internet access.

5. Some community businesses may have free hotspots that allow the public to access their internet at no cost.